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The Group

In managing T.M.S. S.r.l. and C.M.S. S.r.l., the Trimarco brothers, experts in manufacturing handcrafted and industrial steel, although they maintained the family-run nature of the business, they also integrated a functional organization identifying, in every department, well defined roles and responsibilities.

The passion, the competence, the deep knowledge of the sector, which have always characterised the group, allow them to give an immediate response to the requirements of a market which is more and more demanding in regards of the product’s quality.

The plant where Sabato and Mario Trimarco realize window frames, doors, gates, staircases, railings, steel structures for industrial plants, also working on railway equipment, are in Buccino (SA), and cover an area of five thousand square meters: three thousand used for storage and two thousand used for offices and other services.

The company pays particular attention to equipment and tools they use, always in line with technological progress: the production facilities are fully focused on their specific manufacturing, so they are equipped with special machines.

The Group’s equipment includes efficient means of transport such as mobile cranes for the installation of industrial warehouses and other steel structures. Other than the most common tools such as welds, grinders, band saws, they also use telescopic mobile cranes, airborne platform, calendar, bending machine, submerged arc welding manipulator, welding beams, drilling line, plasma cutting and oxycutting, cold moulding machines, blasting and painting chambers.

To keep the spirit of continuous improvement, the group can count on a highly qualified staff and on the collaboration of committed professionals who can give assistance on products engineering and the constant update and adjustment of the production facilities.

The group has achieved a Certified Quality Management system according to UNI ENISO 9001:2008 that made them reach increasingly high standard levels. This way they were able to obtain the Factory Production Control certification under regulation (EU) n.305/2011 (CPR) N°0474-CPR-1308 of 29/07/2015.

Quality Management System

UNI EN/SO 9001:2008

Factory production control certification

Regulation (EU) n.305/2011 (CPR) N°0474-CPR-1308 of 29/07/2015